correct backspacing for new beadlocks

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May 3, 2011
I have beadlocks comming form Dubai and have been asked what backspacing I need. They are 17x8 steelies with 3.75" (95mm)backspacing as standard.

I measured the back spacing on my stock cruiser wheels and the meausrments look like the following:

(1 inch = 25mm)

Stock wheels - 175mm / 7" back spacing
With spacers on stock wheels - 175-25= 150mm / 6" effecive back spacing
New wheels - 95mm / 3.75"

From the above, I belive I should be ordering the wheels with 150mm backspacing, and ensure they dont hit the break calipers?

PLEASE can a fundi confirm my simpleton maths for some peace of mind. :confused:

I know these threads can be irritating so a big thanks in advance from the newbie :hillbilly:

wait wait wait... i just had a stupid monent. the backspacing is fron the FRONT lip of the rim to the lugs not the back.

So the backspacing on the stock rim is 40mm / 1.6", which means that the beadlocks with 3.75" backspacing will effectivley be like fitting 2" spacers to the stock rim.

So I want 2.75" of backspacing not 3.75?

right? :mad:

The stock wheels you have are just like ours and are 16x8 +60mm offset and almost 7" of backspacing but not quite. So, you were correct the first time saying you wanted 8" wide wheels with 6" (or 5.75") of backspacing.

Those wheels with the 3.75" backspacing are more for like a 105 or 70 series. One question is whether their 17x8's are really 8" wide steel wheels converted to beadlocks making them 9" wide wheels. Also, caliper clearance will depend on the center section's wheel design. It would be a shame to order custom wheels and they not clear the brakes.
ok so my instructions to the manufacutrers should be

5.75" to 6" backspacing, IF they will clear the calipers on the 100 series.


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