Cooper Tires? STT

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Those are exactly what I have on the 80, size and everything. I love my Coopers, I actually have them on my pickup as well and seriously debated putting them on my 98 4Runner. The sidewalls seem to flex well and they are relatively quiet on the highway. They balanced well on both trucks.

I got almost 60k miles on the first set I had on my pickup, and they still had some tread on them when I sold them.

I would recommend them to anyone who asks. As long as they keep making them, I will probably keep buying them. If I ever go up to 37's on the 80, I will probably stick with the coopers as well.
if anyone has a worn out spare or trail tire in this size let me know. I want to do some test fitting and looking for a trial fit, same size as noted above. I'll buy it from you or borrow if thats workable.
NTB has their Mud Claw house brand, which is made by Cooper and looks similar to a KM2. I just bought one as a spare.

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