Cooling Fan won't engage.

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Nov 26, 2007
Seattle, WA
Over the past few days I had noticed some minor belt squealing that would go away under throttle as I was driving along - I was just waiting to find sometime to look it over. Well sometime came sooner than I had hoped - the sound got horribly bad as I was stopped at a stop sign not far from my house yesterday then quite. Almost immediately the engine temp began to rise - I got it to the top of a hill cut the engine and coasted home. I checked under the hood and a slight bit of smoke, combined with the smell of hot belts and hot radiator fluid. After letting the engine cool and upon further inspection I noticed the cooling fan won't engage. Ever since I have owned the vehicle the fan has always run when the engine was on but I assume there is a clutch. Nothing is binding against the blades and I am able to spin the fan blades easily by hand. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?
i just turned it on again and the smog pump spins with the belt - but the fan pulley doesn't spin at all. the past two times i have started the engine their hasn't been any squeal. engine temp just rises because of the cooling fan not turning.
the water pump does turn when the engine is running. the belt is spinning but the fan pulley is stationary i can clearly see the bolts that fasten the fan pulley system. is this just an idler bearing? I am going to spend some time tonight looking over the fsm - any additional thoughts would be helpful. I am assuming i should replace the belt in this process as well.
If the fan belt is moving w/ the crankshaft, but the fan/WP is not turning, then the WP is seized.

x2. The fan will always turn when it operates normally. when its on it spins faster and it free wheels when its off. What you describe has to be a frozen WP
If the fan pulley is stationary, then your water pump is not turning. The fan pulley is bolted to the water pump shaft flange. If the pulley isn't turning then the water pump isn't turning.
Good luck with the wp mine locked up while driving (yes I had ignored the noies you described) pump assembly broke lose it and the fan went through the radiatior. So New Fan, fan assembly and new radiator. Advice toe the sucker or fix where it's at. I was only taking mine 10 miles to the shop to check out the strange noise. Again good luck

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