Coolant temp monitoring/insurance company stole my OBDII

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Dec 7, 2018
How do you monitor coolant temperature? I have obdIi, but my insurance company wants me to keep a big blue thing there (so big its obnoxious). If i drop the blue thing what is a good monitoring device to plug in, or are there other simple options?
Why is your ins company plugging into your OBD?

Cause they are trying to trick everyone into letting them monitor your driving activity.
Yeah. Insurance premium discount or a breathalyzer or other requirements that you need to comply with for an SR-22. If the former, I wouldn’t let an insurance track me to save a few bucks. If the latter, I’d take my lumps for a couple years driving a s*** box other than an 80 until I no longer have a compliance requirement.

But if a guy had to, a splitter would be the way to go.
Tell your insurance company to pee up a rope.

You can always do an old school, pillar mount. It would look ugly as sin but if you are that worried about temp then it would do the job.
Yep insurance company gives a discount if you plug this in and it monitors your driving, i have 3 cars in the family on this insurance so it makes a $100's difference. The fj80 is not my DD so low miles and they can track me, i dont care. they say they monitor driving style, sharp breaking rapid accelerating etc. FYI i spent a weekend in florida mud getting stuck etc and it didnt flag anything (you can go into app and see when each person got flagged). Whereas my daughters readings are flagged all of the time for sharp breaking and accelerating. You cant really drive that way in an Fj80.

I have read on here how people tend to watch their coolant temp and often comment on it. Therefore i thought i should get a more accurate way to do this, also my engine pressure gauge seems faulty so i thought i could do this too (assuming obdII will show pressure too).

I have read the splitter sometimes doesnt work, but i will give it a go.

Anyone recommend a good obd set up? Also what is good engine pressure and coolant temperature ranges?

Thanks wife said the same thing to me last night :cheers:
I use a plx adapter and the Torque Pro app on my phone
real men drive 80s without obd2, just saying :flipoff2:

Wait, what,,, I heard real men wheel a FJ40 with the F motor, 3spd and no power steering or brakes?
I’ve been happy with my UltraGauge.

I also agree with the general sentiment that you should shop for a new insurance provider. There’s too much competition out there willing to take your money at a decent rate without telling you to bend over and provide data.
Just wait until you are involved in an accident. Even if your not at fault the insurance companies will use the collected data against you by not paying claims and raising your premiums. Its a no win situation for you and a win, win for the insurance companies.
My two best friends are State Farm agents ... the one that insures me now knows that at some point he will need to have an awkward convo with me about possibly dropping me as I tend to attract speeding tickets. My other friend tells me he is happy to not have me as a client on his book of business.

Pretty sure if I had the monitoring box I would be dropped in a week.

UltraGage is good bang for the buck compared to my ScanGuage.
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Even though I drive the 80 like a grandpa you'l literally have to give me the insurance for free for me to use one of those trackers. Even then I probably wouldn't do it.
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real men drive 80s without obd2, just saying :flipoff2:
Wait, what,,, I heard real men wheel a FJ40 with the F motor, 3spd and no power steering or brakes?

I think that the men who drive obd1 80s are sons of men who drove fj40 with f motor, 3 speed and no power anything

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