coolant leak under intake manifold

Jun 29, 2022
Dallas, TX
Hello, I have never had any over heating issues with my 80 until today. The AC went out then noticed it was over heating, I put 2 gallons of water in it since I was out running errands when it hit. The water runs straight through and comes out up high under the intake manifold, I cant see where its coming out at though, like a specific hose or anything. I videoed it and posted a clip here.

video perspective is laying behind the front driver side tire looking up the driver side and the drip location is the bottom of the manifold on the back towards the firewall.

Please let me know your thoughts on where its coming from before I take everything apart in an effort to locate it.

thank you
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Nov 9, 2012
Olathe, KS, USA
It's either the PHH or the throttle body hose under the throttle body and intake manifold.

PHH is pesky heater hose left side near the firewall above the starter.

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