coolant leak, override heater issue

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Aug 10, 2011
So recently i was having issues with a coolant leak that lead to over heating in my 96 fj80, It was to expensive to fix so i had to go with the option of disabling my heater and just putting clamps on the leaks. However i noticed every 2-3 weeks i run low on coolant and have to replace it often. any speculation on why i am going through coolant so fast ? my rig only has 113,xxx miles on it and i changed all the fluid at 105,xxx

thanks nick!
Once you're reasonably sure you have no external leaks, you (unfortunately) have to start considering the possibility of internal ones...
Head gasket most likely.
Go to a auto parts store an get a head gasket leak test.
Check your oil filler cap for milky build up. Next check your oil for any water as well.
Does your radiator look like its bulging?
Have you checked you cap?
Try the bubble test. You can search the forums for it but basically you let the engine warm up and have the radiator cap off and see if you have bubbles in the coolant. If so, then likely it's the HG.
another thing you can try, take all spark plugs out and crank over while theres pressure in radiator, if water shoots out..its not a good sign..

im going through cooling issues too...i feel ya pain..
lp2k said:
What can be the root cause? Lack of maintenance of part failure ?

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Probably a lack of maintenance of the cooling system if I had to bet.

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