Coolant leak on dr side block.. Head gasket? (pic)

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Aug 22, 2018
Thing hasnt ran consistent since I've had it. Sometimes great, oftentimes multiple cylinder misfires (posted several times about not being able to resolve it) Topped off my coolant the other day when I was looking things over. Was maybe a quart low.

Today i smelled burning coolant and saw steam from under the hood as soon as I was pulling in the driveway.

Popped the hood and see a puddle sitting above the oil pan on the driver's side of the block.

Are there any coolant hoses/routes on this side? It's hard to get at.

Could also be the hose under the intake manifold to the throttle body. Small diameter hose.
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Rear coolant sensor for ECM (mounted in head) is pretty close to that. It has an O-ring that might have failed.

Get a flashlight, get in there real close and look. IF you can't see up under the is sometimes possible to use your phone to take a pic and look at it that way.

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