Coolant leak In rear of cabin

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Oct 20, 2017
Fullertn Ca
I've searched around and haven't found any threads with the same issue. I found some red fluid( looks like coolant) on the carpet below the rear AC/ Heater.

Are there any common issues with these rear units? First guess is a heater core leak. Curious if it's possible to just not use the rear unit to avoid the leak.

Appreciate any feedback.

its possible its the rear heater core, you can pull that back panel out a bit to get a look. you should just be able to loop out the rear heat and call it a day, that's what I did with mine when the rear heat lines rusted out
Rear heater core is located under the driver seat. The leak you are having could be a sunroof drain or may be AC leak (which is highly unlikely). Remove the carpet and inspect.
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