Coolant Leak after new Radiator Install

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Aug 28, 2012

I took my FJ40 to have the radiator changed, the previous radiator is in need of replacing as the truck overheats.

I recently changed the Radiator to new OEM and the temperature are all correct. After a 10 minute drive back home slept for 3 hours then woke up and went out for a short 7 minute drive around the block.

After returning back home and let the car idle I see a lot of Fluid on the floor there is a seepage of somesort?

The old radiator had some Rust/ red fluid in it.....

What would be the causes, It seems that the hoses are all right...would it be the Water Pump gone bust ?


I must say after getting back my car I heard a screeching sound from the pulley area, after checking online water pump failure symptoms this case resembles most things I have heard or read about.
You need to get under and look around. If its leaking you will find the source. Do you have a coolant system pressure tester? This tool helps find those little pesky leaks.

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