Coolant leak 3f

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May 9, 2016
Sth Australia
I've noticed a little leak that looks to be coming from timing cover. Or it's the water pump leaking on the cover. But water pump isn't that old and no signs of play or bearing noise.
Leak does looks to be coming from the cover. I was under the impression only oil would be running thru timing cover?
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Coolant is dripping from the water pump above. The gasket is probably leaking. Maybe the one behind the pump backing plate. There's only oil behind the timing gear cover. No way coolant could be leaking from it.
Thanks for your help OS.
I assume u can get the gasket seperately and r the pump backing plate reusable?
And finally any tips on getting a good seal when fitting new gasket ? Silicon, Rtv
Thanks again Matt
the back plates are reusable. I used black RTV smeared on both sides of a generic gasket on the 2 different water pumps I swapped on 2 different motors. neither leaks a drop. HTH. don't forget sealant on the water pump bolts and the tstat housing bolts...

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