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Nov 9, 2003
Im about to order a radiatior,and water pump from ccot and was wonderin if this is a good company to deal with. anyone with any problems from ccot?
I've never had problems with them. Except they kept sending me rubber pedal pads (free) every time I ordered something.
I could use one of those pads. Only need one cause I'm running an automatic.
CCOT generally gets very good'll occasionally hear someone complain, but that's pretty normal with any business. IMO, good choice.
good service and products overall, that's where I got my FJ60 radiator and hose kit.
For what it is worth, I have had great experience working with Kurt walked me through some rather banal maintenance issues and was speedy with mailing out parts. Unlike some other shops he'll take a moment to tell you what to look for when replacing.....

I've bought a few items from CCOT always pleased with the service. Yes I have multiple pedal pads too. One time I got a bag of zip ties instead, much more helpful!
Cruiseroutfitters is also very good to work with! Thanks again Kurt. :)

1972 FJ40
Just my opinion, but I would pay more to buy from another dealer---SOR tops my list but not the only good choice. Had one very bad experience with ccot and that is all it takes with me---as smart a$$ as the guy was I dealt with.
I bought a master cylinder from ccot and it was bad, they sent me two others and they were also bad. After 3 weeks of my cruiser being down, I finally went to napa and spend $30 more and got a rebuilt one. I also bought a radiator from them since I had a credit with them, and it works good. I just dont know how good there products are. I have also had good experiences with cruiser outfitters.
I have bought a lot of stuff from CCOt with very good results. I will not buy any brake parts or tie rod ends from them; poor quality. WPs and alternators get from NAPA. Same price or cheaper than CCOT or others and better quality
I'm gettin' worried now :-\ you guys don't seem to like their brake parts. I bought a brake master cylinder for my FJ62 from them. It was their aftermarket one. It installed and seems to working fine. The only problem I had was that it didn't seem to have a low brake fluid sensor in the cap and the stock one I had didn't fit on the new cylinder.
I would not be worried,
1. Steve got a batch in from his supplier that were bad, all FJ40's LSLC got several.
2. Most MC's that are reman. & are defective, are bad out of the box.
I had good luck dealing with them. Although a few pieces I needed I actually found cheaper through the dealer, much cheaper. Aside from that, I would happily order from them again. I love the free gift with every purchase......except when they sent me one of those wide angle mirrors, only one, so my other is factory, the difference in perception is drastic, took some getting used to. I really liked their door w/s kit, great stuff, perfect fit, but the w/s for the fiberglass cap is not worth the money, looks like garage door w/s for 3 times the cost.
I just got some parts in that we'd ordered from CCOT. They were extremely nice and responded promptly to my emails (they "assign" you a point of contact), and included a UPS tracking order. They also combined all my items into one box and added in a couple surprises!! I had a good first experience and would go back there for more orders.
I just ordered their hell for stout bumper for my 8274. Very quick shipping, and they always throw in some free schwag when you place an order. I give them 2 bezels up!
I like the calender girls on the Bulliten Board Page. That's good customer service.
[quote author=romer link=board=1;threadid=10070;start=msg90102#msg90102 date=1074055566]
I like the calender girls on the Bulliten Board Page. That's good customer service.

Wanna pi$$ the woman of the house off?
Download the CCOT sreensaver.....worked for me.
Butch :flipoff2:
Hey Butch, thats been my background aswell for a while. Though, instead of getting mad, my g/f said she will pose for me on my cruiser, with an AR and a 1911. Bring on spring!
I too have used CCOT and have NO complaints. I also have 48 feet of weather stripping and edge guard, and pedal pads....oh, and get this, a FREE Calendar.

Who cares is they mess up on something (haven't yet), but if they did, they make up for it.

And I thought only two things came from Texas.
I bought a clutch master from them about 5 months ago and it leaking already, but the radiator and all the other stuff is great, and yes i have pedal pads and extra kick vent gaskets, oh and always ask for the poster not the calenders (LOL)

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