Cool Cruisers hitch receiver

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Nov 27, 2017
Looking for some inside on this hitch receiver just purchased from cool cruisers combined with extension from northern tool.
I bought the extension because i could not pin my carrier cause the tire was in the way and this one in particular to drop to down so to open the doors and swing the tire.
My concern is the hitch receivers young weight on 200lbs
Anyone have experience with this. Thought I might also use some ratchet straps to steady the basket movement. Already have shims.
I have put a bike rack w 2 bikes and a similar extension a few times with no issue. Probably 120 lbs all in for the rack and two all-mountain bikes. I wouldn't trust it to hold any more weight than that.
Extending the hitch your adding leverage. Have to reduce the weight it will carry. Also consider because how low and how far it extends even catching on a curb that hitch will act like a pry bar and multiple the force it will put on the rear frame member. While not as cheap as this there are A
aftermarket bumpers that bolt to the back crossmember in multiple locations including the ends around the side frame rails. I'm going have to deal with the PO trailer hitch on one of my FJ40s that he caught on a rock off road and bent the crossmember. Only thing I will use on an FJ40 is combination pintle/2" ball hitch that doesn't hang below the crossmember. Then use either my M416 or trailer made from seventies Toyota pickup. Have one of those baskets I used a few times on my 100 series with a real factory receiver hitch. Sold that 100 series over seven years ago. Have two other DDs that both have a receiver hitch. Never used the basket on either but using my smaller trailers all the time.
Get it too long and you will only be able to put a six pack in that big Yeti
Thanks for the replies guys, I think I was in that moment of, " you know it's not gonna work", but you just need to hear it from others. Think I will return both the extension and hitch receiver. That's $200 towards a roof rack that will serve me better. Thanks everyone!

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