Constant power source

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Aug 6, 2013
Does anyone know a good constant 12v source near the driver side kick panel that would be a good candidate to tap into?

I am wiring a SolidKit voltmeter that already has an in-line fuse. The aux battery I was easy as I already have the cigarette/usb outlets wired for constant power via a fuse panel in the back of the rig. I am trying to avoid running another dedicated line through the firewall, especially for something with such a low draw. I plan on adding a switch on the ground to toggle the voltmeter on and off.

Also, I have a switchpro in the engine compartment running all my accessories so running another constant power switch panel into the cab doesn’t make that much sense at this point.
Most I have seen do a sub panel in the engine compartment and run wiring through harness grommet to it. Kick panel is only about 3 from the battery.
Thanks for the reply. Like I mentioned, I already have a SwitchPro panel in the engine compartment but was trying to avoid running another wire through the firewall.
I ended up just using an add-a-fuse and tapping into the AHC-b fuse that showed to be constant power on the multimeter. Mine is a 02’ with no AHC so I’m not sure why there was a fuse there anyway.
I ended up running a switch on the ground so it can be turned on and off.

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