Constant Air Injection a Bad Thing?

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May 11, 2006
Hampton Bays, NY
If the ABV and ASV were bypassed so they were constantly blowing into the Air Rail and Down the Exhaust pipe would it be a bad thing?

Cat's like it Hot right? Even moreso for aftermarket cats....I think..

More Air=less smog

Hot Cat = less NoX....

If the Computer or VSV's took a crap would it be ok to run it full AI all the time?

Just a thought....
That's the way I have mine setup, I completly took the ACV (Air Control Valve) assembly out of the equation and it runs fine. Passes emmisions test with flying colors. I've had it like that for several years now with no noticable problems.
The ABV is used to divert air away from the cat to prevent it getting too hot. So you might be reducing the lifetime of your catalytic converter.
The ASV will switch the air flow either to the exh manifold (below 45mph) or directly down to the cat (above 45mph). The VSVs work to turn on and off the ASV and ABV

Like 2MBB said, the bypass (ABV) valve will redirect the air back to the air cleaner when the temp probe says the cat is too hot. If your carb is running too rich then that overgassed (not really a word) air feul mixture will continue to burn hotter when its fed air from the AI system. That could potentially burn up the cat, so hotter isn't always better.
It sounds like you want to feed air to both the manifold as well as the downstream to the cat at the same time, so maybe splitting the flow would be fine IF the carb isn't running rich.

After looking at a bunch of threads on this and looking at the Emmissions manual I figure that air is being pumped down the manifold and exhaust pipe 2/3 of the time......

I have done a lean drop and it runs great right now..

There is an aftermarket (small) hi flow cat...where the temp sensor looks like it was spot welded on to the no computer sensing the temp to make the VSV's turn on....

So I think I will leave it for a while and see what happens....I am going to test the input and output temps with a IR thermometer.

I will post up the results...

I don't smell any Cat burning smell either....

I will be going for an inspection in I want as much air going down the pipes as possible.
That's how I was able to pass emissions :D

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