Console Blanks?

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Sep 5, 2005
Dallas, TX
I just installed heated seats and I'm looking to install the switches. I would like to remove the coin holder and then install the switch in place. The switch is round so it would be perfect if I could find a blank to then drill out and install the switch. Anyone have any ideas or sources? I know there are other switches that fit in the coin slots but I would rather not rewire the switch that came with the kit (but that may be necessary if I don't find a blank). Thanks!

Use stock switch w/decal symbol?

I like the stock switch idea but the heated seats have a hi/low setting. Are there any stock switches that would accommodate an off/hi/low position?

I figure a picture is better than my earlier explanation. You can see in the pic I have two round hi/low heated seat switches that right now are just sitting where the coin holders used to be located. If I could find a brown blank then I could drill it out and keep the two heater switches. Another option is to just put the coin holders back in and drill out another location. Any ideas/thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!


Use a rocker switch that has an up and down on center off. SPDT.
I'm sure there are plenty of people with broken brown consoles who would gladly let you have the scraps. My solution would be to cut out blanks from a junk console so as to match the material, drill the appropriate hole in the blanks, and glue the blanks into your console.
Check this site out. i think they even have custom lettering.

link: otra tww or seat

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Ended up drilling holes to mount the switches. The switch that came with the kit had a bunch of epoxy/heat shrink on the back of the switch to make sure nothing came loose. Decided I didn't want to mess with cutting all the wires and figuring out how to wire a new switch.

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