Considering selling my'96 FZJ 80

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Sep 4, 2020
Ithaca, NY
This was a covid project and I really enjoyed it, but health issues have forced me to focus on recovery and I hate to see her just sitting in the driveway. Originally out of the southwest, I picked it up from a guy in Ithaca, NY who only had it in the NE for a few years so rust was minimal. There was one small area in the driver's floor pan that had to be cut out, and I was unable to get a good cut out from another pan (or find a new one) so I had a flat bit welded in and did two coats of undercoating. The hood also had a small raised area so I just replaced it with a new one. Wrap is the full vehicle and all colors including white are flat finish. Rims and tires are new along with exhaust, most of the breaks (all but from calipers which are next on the list if I keep it). I replaced all exterior, console, and interior lights with LEDs and installed a backup camera and a hitch. There are a couple cracks in the dash and the hinge on the center console is busted (I have a new top for it to fix this). Just under 270k miles, and she runs like a top.
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This is not classifieds so the moment it turns into a discussion on selling it will get deleted or moved. Those are the rules here. I would suggest starting a thread in classifieds with your starting price and Or Best offer
Looks crusty, bad weld repair and then covered in bad black paint.

I'd say 500 bucks
If you're going to sell this, definitely include pics of the engine bay and the interior. Since this was a covid project I assume you have lots of notes on all the work your did, so include all that info. Good luck.

You should also mention where the truck spent the majority of its life, original head gasket, etc.
The underside would worry me as a potential buyer. That looks like maybe a lot of rust lurking under there, painted or coated over. It's a unique look, which is generally not friendly in the market (as compared to an unmolested stock vehicle). It also has non-OEM and undesirable rims and fender flares. To me, that's a $4K rig, given the mods. That's assuming that it's unlocked. For me, the appearance is not cool or desirable, and I realize you only need to find one person who really likes it. I'm not trying to be harsh, just honest. You asked for a number, so that's mine.
I'm in the same ball park as @bicycleagent003. The underbody photos just look like an attempt to hide rust. No shots of the interior which I read as meaning its bad. No mention of maintenance performed. Wheels are not my thing. New exhaust is a plus. I really struggle with the wrap. You are searching for the one person who bonds with the truck. This will be a tough sell.
I did the opposite, sold my diesel pickup and daily my 80. Its so clean and triple locked and rust free, I'm just gonna drive it forever.

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