Considering purchasing a 6.2l Detroit Diesel swapped FZJ80

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Aug 12, 2017
As the title reads I’m looking at a 6.2l Detroit Diesel swapped 80. It has a Banks Turbo, 700R4 tranny, fj60 split case stacked on a NP203. I’ve spent the last several weeks reading through old treads here and all over the internet but it is all old content.

I’m looking for real feedback. Have you had a DD? Do you still have it? Was this a good option 7-10 years ago but not something worth diving into in 2020?

The vehicle is in over all good shape so my though was to run it a few years with Detroit then decided on and LS or some other diesel to swap in.

My main concern would be whether it would be worth the hassle of undoing one swap for another.

Any input would be appreciate.

From experience with the 6.2L and 6.5TD engines, I'd say that with the Banks turbo you have a decent SUV. Certainly not the power of a Duramax, Powerstroke, Cummins, or LS, but decent power and good mileage. I get high teens to mid-twenties out of my two 6.5TDs and DD them. My neighbor has a 5.7L gasser in his Suburban and he says he's lucky to get into the double digits.
Its always about the cabin noise and some people cant stand the 6.2 etc. In Australia its a common conversion but resale value is dismal. You are probably doing it the best way by buying some ones former project if the price is right.
Being able to get parts easily at any store is a a bonus.
Some say certain models have better injection pumps.
I had an '85 M1009 CUCV (military K5 Blazer) with the 6.2 Detroit. Never had any engine trouble with it.

Amongst the military vehicle crowd such as at SteelSoldiers it has a rep as a reliable engine. However the flip side of that is it has the rep of not tolerating abuse without major engine failures. Not sure how adding a turbo plays into that.

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