Considering buying a '69 FJ40 (1 Viewer)

Nov 2, 2020
Westlake Village, California
I feel you on this sentiment and I love my 40! But I wheel with a LJ jeep, early bronco and fullsize blazer regularly. The jeep and the blazer are the easiest($$) to get parts for, but have the least soul/style in my opinion. If both owners sold their rigs tomorrow, I wouldn’t be surprised at all- they are not emotionally invested in their rigs. All that being said the LJ followed me around or lead the way on recent wheeling trip and he had ac on the hot days. No issues at all, it just got the job done.

The early bronco and my 40, on the other hand, are an affliction of sorts- expensive mistresses, but they are very satisfying deep down.
I hear you,

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