Considering a 2004

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May 19, 2019
This is my first post. After about six years with a 1999 Range Rover along with a long list of repairs, I've decided that enough is enough. Anyways, I've identified a 2004 with about 200k miles going for $15.5k in town. The owner has kept all the maintenance records. The timing belt was repaired last weekend. Any doubts or ideas before I pull the trigger?
Parts aren't cheap on a LC. Go OEM parts unless you want to do a job twice.
Miles are high but condition seems just fine. You should be able to bargain the price a bit to around 12-13 due to the high miles.
The inflated costs seems to be tied to living in L.A. I've consistently seen newer LCs with fewer miles n southern states that are priced at the same level. This particular LC looks immaculate and well maintenance but I'm concerned the miles are high considering it's age.
A 2004 with 200K miles (13.3K/yr) is probably pretty average given the age, especially as a daily driver. My 2003 has 201K. If well maintained it will go a lot more.
Look across the country. Look on here, search craigslist widely. The cost of a plane ticket and gas back to LA may save you thousands and potentially 100K miles.

I bought my 2000 with 200K for $9K from San Luis Obispo. My 2004 with 80K for $15K from New York. Don't overpay for something unless ... it's worth it. I've been really happy with both trucks given their price and condition.

Upshot of an LA truck is that it won't have any rust!
Totally agree with you regarding looking across the country but I'm focusing on dry states like Arizona and Nevada.

is there a classified section here?
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