Connect ipod to original stereo

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Apr 16, 2010
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Anyone know if the original stereo of my fzj80 94 have an auxiliary input or connection to a cd box ?
I would like to connect an iPod, but I want to know if possible before disassembling the dash

Thanks a lot

You will have to get an FM transmitter, which will transmit the signal through the station you choose. It looks like you have a tape player, you can also get an adapter to go from Ipod to tape deck. The deck would be the better option if you can find one, the FM transmitter will cut in and out with signal fade.
No connection out back :meh:

This is what I used before I upgraded my HU :eek:


i use the same thing i like it a lot ...

it was 99 cents from and it was really worth it just to hold me out until i get a double din navigation system with all the bells and whistles like the auxiliary input and various other features that were not available in 1995 .
FM transmitters never worked for me, I'm with the Snake Eater on
this one, go with the tape adapter they work.
I tried both the FM transmitter and the tape thing and the tape thing sounded much better to me.

I have since upgraded my headunit to a SCION deck
I saw one on ebay a while back that someone had added an input port. It was pricy, over $200.
Thanks for the answers

Maybe my question had few details ....

I have a "Monster" cassette adapter


and an "Griffin" iTrip, but in both cases the sound is not good.


Also I have an audio and energy adapter to connect iPods,


But I want to know before disassembly the dash if the radio have any kind of entry.

If this entry does not exist, I will think about changing the radio.:)

Thanks again.
Nice clean install, but like ANY FM modulator, the quality of sound will only be as good as the signal your radio picks up :meh:

Yes, but in this case it is hardwired into the antenna so it eliminates any interference and any signal loss. Unlike a transmitter that goes thru the air for the tuner to pick up the signal.

Also, tape deck solutions have to go thru the magnetic tape head which degrades the signal at a noticeable level (at least in my past experience).

In my install, I think the stock radio is the limiting factor on sound quality, not the connection. For example, I can't tell the difference if I am playing the same song using the CD player vs my iPhone.

I did replace my front speakers but the rear and subwoofer are still stock.
The tape thing works better for me. I had a difficult time getting a good signal with the other.
Get a scion radio with Ipod connection, perfect upgrade and cheap.
Don't know what is "cheap" but is the Scion radio plug and play (plugs into existing FJ80 radio harness)? If so, hard to believe the plugs haven't changed since the early '90s...
Just get a new head unit.
You can pick up a decent unit that is ipod ready for a decent price now a days.
Do not waste your time with those adaptors, been there done that.
You will not be satisfied with those and you will eventually change anyway so might as well do it right the first time.
I bought a nice pioneer head unit ipod ready from crutchfield for like $125 or something like that.
They have good deals all the time and great service as well.

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