Confer aux tank for FJ40

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Sep 12, 2005
Beaverton, Oregon
I'm selling my aux tank. I bought it a while back but never got a chance to install it. Didn't have a heart to cut the body for new filler.
Anyway, this is a confer tank without fuel sender option. So if you want to install fuel gauge, you need to cut a hole in it.
This is brand new, but I painted dark red to match my truck.
Hoses, filler, cap, nipples, bracket, some screws included. No skid plate.
I'm in Portland, Oregon. Preferably pick up only.
Since it's so big and kind of heavy ~50 lbs. not sure how much is shipping cost.
Price $400.
More detail from this link.
Might have better luck with this if you advise how many gallons for one, and two Price, the thread you linked to shows the price of a new one for around $260. So good luck with selling your used one for $400.

I believe it's 22 gallons.
I didn't realize the price is there, but for some reason, I actually paid more for it.
Well, if you can find one for $260 with all the small parts, let me know and I will match it.
If you add all that, it's already ~$355.
It's never been use, but I painted red to match my rig.
That's because scanned pages in the links were supposedly last updated 13 years ago!:rolleyes:

GL with the sale.:)

I'll keep you in mind the next time I get a call for one.

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