Concrete Sealer?

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Apr 1, 2006
I just poured a pad for my shop this week, 50x80. I was going to seal it this weekend, any tips or tricks to lookout for? Best sealer? I was told just to get Thompsons concrete sealer and put on three coats. Anybody got better instructions/advice?
Head to the local mason supply yard. There use to be a product made by the brand name of Thoro...they use to make some great sealers. Gettin old either way they should point you in the right direction..stay away from the big box products..mostly water down skunk piss. :p
I work at a Pittsburgh Paints store and we have epoxies that work great if you looking for something that can hold up against heavy foot traffic, tire tread and some chemicals..this stuff will hold up in heavy industrial areas....or we have a concrete sealer that is chemical, hot tire tread resistant and will hold up against water that puddles as well.. here are the links to both of those products..these are speced on a lot of commercial jobs and I have seen been used in industrial areas and around pools and I know would work best for you..the concrete sealer goes for about $25..its a one coat no priming and the epoxy can go for around $50-100 a gallon..its a 2 part mix..

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