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Mar 10, 2004
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What is your opinion on a program like RoboForm
Im looking for a way to manage my passwords with the added bonus of a way to quickly fill in needed info.
I have used RoboForm in the past and found it very helpful for my needs but is it secure?

I know we have some security guys on board so feel free to PM if you want to stay stealth
Aug 22, 2007
Phoenix, Arizona
The current version is 7 and stores your passwords online. Earlier versions stored passwords locally, encrypted on your hard drive. Either way, all of your passwords are potentially stored in one spot. An attack could grab the one file locally and attempt to decrypt. Alternatively, a keylogger type of attack would pick up the master password and try to exploit. It would be easy to detect you use the software, thereby pointing potential malware in the right direction. The review is below.

I would not personally use a product like this, especially on subscription model. Security comes at the cost of convenience, and this is a convenience tool. There are many other things I could say, but I'll save for a discussion over a cold beer or old Toyota parts. :)

The PCMag review link is below
PCMag's Guide to Security Software - Antispam |

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