Compression test results for 97 FZJ80? What does it mean

Aug 21, 2021
Boston, MA

I'm thinking of purchasing a used LC (actually a LX450). I have the compression results and I want to get an opinion on what they mean. I am coming from a Land Rover 110 which I just sold as it was a basket case. My intention is to not get into something that needs a ton of work right away.

I know factory spec was 171 pounds and said that cylinder should be within 14 pound of each other with a minimum of 128 pounds. The test was done in Denver, CO. Not sure if altitude plays a role
200k miles
Cylinder 1 : 150
2 : 145
3 : 155
4 : 140
5 : 140
6 : 145
Jan 31, 2005
Denver CO
I'm no expert, but some searching yields a correction factor due to altitude:

So 171 psi at sea level is 147 psi in Denver.

I did a compression test on my engine with 225,000 miles this year (in Denver) and got about 147-160 psi on all cylinders. My 80 runs great.

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