Ford Compound turbo for a 1.6 TD Ford [help]

Oct 29, 2022
First things first, hello there, newcomer here. I'm on a quest for fun odd stuff so if anyone can give me a few pointers on my micro diesel lump idea i would greatly appreciate it!
Currently i'm trying to measure thrice before cutting, for the introduction part, the engine in question is a TDCI 1.6 16v turbo diesel, more info about it can be found here [Ford DLD engine - Wikipedia -] ; the exact name judging by the year and type would be DV6-TED4 and comes with a vnt turbo [GT1544v] and has a whopping 110HP with 240Nm of torque.
Many projects on this engine consist of just slapping a big single turbo and going well beyond 200hp+ range and into double of the aforementioned stock torque, which is neat. My weird self decided it would be fun to do it in a compound setup with just shy over 200hp rather than going overboard getting ALL the power, its just my preference of having a wide powerband and not sacrificing the lower end for the top end.
My initial idea was to combine a gtd1244vz to have a earlier spool since 1544 starts the fun at 2k rpm which is the standard in these stock applications, with a GT2056 for the low pressure turbo. The other idea was using the stock 1544v as is but modify the vnt for earlier spool with also 2056 as the low pressure turbo. Looking at the compressor maps the combinations are doable but the end result would be 3-4 bar of boost (due to compounding effect i guess) if both turbos would operate in their best efficiency.
It's just a fun idea im working on so any tip would help, im just sitting on a lot of spare parts like these semi old turbos and engines so i thought it would be interesting to try a mini compound turbo setup. Everyone is welcome to spitball/eyeball the engineering of this one lol

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