Complete smog eqipment off a 1980 FJ40

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Smog Eguip

Sorry, totally missed that. I really need the pump. Can you send me a pic of all that comes with it. There are a few pieces that I need. Send to coloradobound25 at

Thank you
I dont know if it's the same but I have a working smog pump off of an FJ40 you can have if you want it.
Smog Equip

Thanks to both of you. The county up here is getting ready to bring back emissions testing and I want to be ready for it.
I looked and I do not have a smog pump or canister anywhere, ALTHOUGH I do have about 2 sets of every other piece of FJ40 smog equipment if you need anything else. Thanks.
Just an FYI to all....79 and 80 were spacific....The ASV is quite different on the 79 and 80 than earlier years...but most of all the rest is the same or close.
If someone buys this for a earlier vehicle....I have a pre 79 ASV that is almost new..the PO purchased it new...but for wrong year..........I will trade....always use a spare.....( of the smog man)

..................Thought it might help your sale there MOTOLOCO..................
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