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Feb 9, 2009
Las Vegas, NV
<<SOLD>> Complete H55F Conversion for pre '85 FJ60

<<SOLD>> I sold my 1984 FJ60 and the buyer did not want the 5 speed conversion that I had offered with the sale. So here it is by it self, H55F Transmission with less than 10K miles, rebuilt transfer case (By Slee Offroad) done at the same time the NEW H55F was mated to it. Also included are both front and rear drive shafts, cross member and mount to work with the H55F conversion in a pre '85 FJ60. So with the super low miles, you are looking at a close to new transmission, t-case, d-shafts and mount/cross member. This is everything you need (minus clutch parts and shifter spacer) to convert your pre '85 FJ60 over to a H55F 5 speed. This transmission will bolt to your 4 speed bell housing and can use your 4 speed shifter, all you need to buy is the plastic spacer from Toyota for the end of the shifter. You can price all the parts up and this is a killer deal at $2500 . The transmission alone is $2400 new, from Toyota, a T-case rebuild kit is $200, D-shaft shorted and lengthed is $300 and the mount is $165 new. This is over a $600 savings and you don't have to do the messy work of re-building your t-case. I maybe willing to deliver to a West Coast buyer, if the right deal comes together. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me via PM with a phone # and I will give you a call to talk things over.


<<<<Priced to sell at $2500>>>>

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Aug 14, 2006
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Clyde, is this the one I sold you?

Bump for great parts as I have seen the parts and can vouch for the quality of the rebuild and the completeness of the kit.

And to clarify Clyde's ad, the transmission was not rebuilt, but was a NEW toyota unit with the transfer rebuilt by Christo Slee completely on install.

Sorry to hear you sold the 60!


Nov 17, 2008
Boise ID
Ohhh Geeez!!!!!

I want this bad but wont have the $ for 30 days or so. Sure you don't want to think about it for awhile? Maybe 30 days or so?

I'm assuming this will bolt up to my FJ55 with a 79 2F and transfercase. Driveshafts would be different but that's minor.

I'll be watching. But I know I'll be marked SOLD!

Dreams are good. Good Luck and good selling!


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