Wanted Complete cab with doors and all, years '84 through 88, 4x4 version.

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Vehicle Model
  1. Minitruck
Looking for a cab for my '86 so that I don't have to do any rust repairs.
Must be the 4x4 version. Can be a parts truck sans motor tranny, etc.
I have been looking for a while. Thought maybe Mud can be of help.
Well, not exactly what you're looking for, but haven't seen anything remotely like that (other than buying a complete truck just to get the cab) in a loooong while.

My frame and cab is better than that. I am looking everywhere, maybe one pops somewhere. Even a whole non running, salvage truck
This looks promising. Tha ks for posting this on here. Many thanks, will contact.
The guy replied, cab had rot. Gone now though..
Imma check the other one now..
Got lucky, found a local one. Picking up on Friday.
Will update thread once this goes through.
Thanks all for your help.
Cab picked up. Got lucky and found a local one!
Thanks all for all your help.

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