Complete 3rd gen 4Runner rear axle assembly, non-lock 4.10 ratio, 2002, 80K miles

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Dec 22, 2002
Wandering the Wild West
United States
Swapping a complete e-lock rear end under my 2002 4Runner so I have a stock complete rear up for sale. Just under 80K miles on it. Non-lock with 4.10 ratio (axle code is A03A). Small sections of surface rust but nothing bad at all. I'll have pics soon.

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah area.

Will ship via forward air or other truck as long as your paying. :D

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Would you sell and ship just the 3rd member?
I talked to a guy last night that is needing the diff replaced on his 96 4runner. Same axle code.
I guess I could do just the third. A lot easier to ship. :D How's $90 plus shipping sound?


That will probably work. I'll get in touch with him today and let you know.
What would it take to find out about shipping costs? If it's reasonable, I'll take the complete 3rd member (differential, not the entire axle). Shipping to 76049. Business address if that matters. Reasonable to me would be less than $50.00
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A few years ago I had one shipped up from Texas to Utah for less than $25. And a few months ago I shipped a box with two factory 4runner wheels in it all the way back east somewhere for ~$40. And that was a huge box. I'd ship this third in a 5 gal bucket. Should easily come in under $50. I'd wager closer to $30ish. I'll get a closer estimate for you if you really need me to... Otherwise, if you wanna just do $120 shipped for the third, I'm game. If its terribly cheaper to ship it, I'll refund ya the difference. And if its a lil more, I'll cover it.

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No problem. Let me know when it's RTG.

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