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Apr 1, 2007
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
I started this project about 2 years ago and got it as far as putting the engine into my 60. I bought a 88 FJ62 complete as a parts truck and was able to pull just about everything you need to make this work. I have pulled out and labeled all the wiring in the dash harness, the engine has it's harnesses. I have the ECM, Air Cleaner with Air Flow Sensor, H.P Fuel Filter. The flywheel was machined and has a brand new clutch. The alternator was just rebuilt with all new diodes.

I have my own company and have gotten stupid busy so have not had time to dive into the wiring. It is also on the weaker side of my skill set... Now wondering what I was ever thinking, I have decided to put a SBC into the truck as it is something I can do and won't take me 2 years.

The 2F engine that was in the truck was rebuild shortly before I bought it, but the guy completely botched the smog removal and it never idled right, or was hit and miss on the second barrel opening up. I played with it for about 3 years and tried to get it to work. It ran better after I found a bunch of vacuum leaks, but not the way my 40 ever did. The compression test I did on the motor before starting this gave me 160 PSI in every cylinder. It had enough power to move me down the road at 65-70 all day long. It was the off-road drivability and that little extra power that made me think this was a good idea.

If I got $1800 for everything I would be happy, but will entertain reasonable offers!

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