Common Sites for Oil Leaks...?

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Oct 23, 2007
West Seattle, WA
I've got a 1986 FJ60 with some oil leaks ( go figure ). In an effort to stem these leaks, I've been replacing some gaskets. So far I've replaced the rear main seal, valve and side cover gaskets. Oil pan gasket will get replaced this weekend. What other neglected items could potentially cause an engine oil, or gear lube leak?

Thanks in advance for any productive responses. :wrench:
X2. might want check the rear main seal. The one piece oil pan gasket from Toyota is awesome. Also I found some very small pin holes in my oil pan bottom from crud that gets under the skid plate. As i went to fix them they developed into large holes. I had to cut out & replace the bottom of my pan.
Ain't tryin to harsh your oil leak fixin mellow, just sharin my reality.
But now,(don't say this in front of my rig) it is current leak free. By the way I bought the complete overhaul gasket set from Toyota & alsoresealed the entire engine to achive this leak free 2F

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