Comments on the new Downey 4" lift...

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Jan 2, 2003
Park City, Utah
Friend just ordered it up.. Wondering if anyone has experience with it. According to Downey they are the shiznitt, not stiff. Semi inexpensive even with Bilstiens...
Can't speak to the l/c lift, but their ifs lift for pickups/four runners came with more problems, wrong pieces, etc. than you'd ever believe for the couple grand it cost. One A arm was sawn nearly half in two! Perfect saw mark!@!! What the feck! What quality control? They made it right (fairly) quickly, but there's been wrong sized bolts, missing parts, was shipped incomplete initially, and just shiznit that plain doesn't work. Now that it's on, seems to work well, but this kit was no better than a trial run piece would be. I'm definitely unimpressed.
I have them and love them...

Thanks guys.. I don't know how new these are or if they have been redesigned. A friend started talking to I believe the owner and they sound very well constructed and in this case the owner is offering a money back guarantee even after they have been run for a month, he is that confident in them. They sound sort of like the ride and quality of construction of OME, but 4" lift and for about ~$500ish. I think $6-something with shocks. He says they ride great right out of the box. Look forward to seeing after we get them mounted.. they should be here in a couple days...

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