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post ho
Feb 10, 2004
Derwent Alberta
i am coming in to finally put my butt into a truck i bought back in Dec of 06.
i have to come down to almost the airport
(Simard-Tran Ontario Warehouse

2200 Drew Road East

Mississauga, ON

L5S 1B1)

and wondered if anyone wanted to grab lunch?

shoot me an email to
if you care to hook up.

cheers guys
whatever you do dont drive by dixie/steeles to see the hzj75 in the the lot... :p

what kind of truck are you picking up?

i get off work usually around 3, if you want to come by my buddys shop to shoot the landcruiser s***.
theres a couple things going front coils on a bj80, bumber for my new 24v winch, you can check out the mercedes powered 4runner...couple things to kill time...dixie/dundas area

it doesnt mention when your coming..
let me know,
and theres a bbq happening on thursday after at the defiant4wd shop, some are planing a trip to calabogie for this weekend
i will be picking up the truck at about 10 am this morning, hitting princess auto on Dixi, lunch and heading back up.

519-387-0058 is my cell, if you want to meet for lunch just let me know but remember i have a 24' float to manover so pick a place with some good turning area... hint, truck stop idea.
oh, BTW, i am also going to be in TO dropping the wife off at the airport on Satruday morning early so if anyone wants to do breaky at about 9ish let me know.
Lost, i could drop by the shop Sat morning and check everything out if that works for you.
<pulling out in 1/2 hr>
hope the trip went well yesterday Wayne.

if anyone's hookin up for saturday mornin breakfast, post up. i might be able to head out for an hour. (just an idea, there's a popular greek place on airport road called Zet's, and they serve a mean breakfast.)

i am up for the Greek breaky...

the trip went well, Dads old ford pulled 8000 lbs behind it home. want to see what $40K looks like?

i will be dropping the wife off around 8ish so 9 am will work or i can do some shopping and meet later.

Sorry guys - would love to meet up but I am heading up North to do a little Spring Cleaning (and feed the black flies!).

Enjoy the long weekend - hopefully the weather keeps up like this morning.

9ish then off to see the "new" 40.

Romey, i will be driving a funky looking RHD black and silver van with lights all over it and silvered out rear windows and swing out rear tire will know it when you see it.

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