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Jan 3, 2008
Hello 80 Series fanatics,

I am not Eddy Murphy, however I am coming to America - regardless - and according to your current laws I am allowed :) This is something that I have been wanting to do for some time, so now my family, 2 adults and three kiddies, will be enjoying the west coast for about five weeks in September/October this year.

TYhe itinerary, at this stage, involves LAX, Annaheim, San Diego, Tijuana, Las Vegas, Yosemite and what everelse we can fit in. It is quite variable at this stage. However, I have noticed that no car hire company has 80 Series Cruisers on their inventory :frown:. This is subject to change, depending on the boss.

My question to you wisened people is would one of you be able to price diesel fuel injectors for a 1HD-FT mulitivalve factory turbo engine (content) for my 11/1996 80 Series? As well, would a "kit" include the O rings and other items required for the injectors. Please keep in mind that these will NOT be on an exchange basis. Somewhere in my travels for the pick up would be nice - that is - New York will be out of my way.

I am requesting this information as I am up for fuel injectors and if the price variation is favourable, then I will purchase these in your great nation rather than mine - Australia.

Keep up the great posts, I and many others enjoy them.



11/96 VX 1HD-FT
Brisbane, Australia
Hey Sean. I am not too sure you can pick up any injector for the 1hd ft since there is no diesel option available for any landcruiser except may be the FJ40. I think you you can probably get it in Canada instead. Your best bet closer to Landcruiser for car rental will be a 4runner.
been a couple threads on visiting the US and renting trucks, not too long ago
I rented a brand new 2008 4Runner recently, just for fun, and they are nice vehicles. Plenty of power, not the greatest clearance for off road, but OK. I could see myself renting one for a long distance trip, if I needed a rig.

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