Combination Light Housing: Connector Differences

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Jan 5, 2004
Paint Lick, KY
OK, first I have retrofitted a 1974 rear bumper (with the 3 lights in it) to my 2/71 FJ40. Working through the combination light wiring and spare parts I have, I found there are two different connectors for these lights. A 4 pin square connector, and a 6 pin oval connector. EPC says the 4 pin was used 09/73 til 07/80.

When did the 6 pin connector start? Or is the 6 pin an aftermarket connector?

Inquiring minds want to know... :D
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Another question about the early (03/69 - 09/73) tail lights. Mine of course were totally missing off my 2/71. The EPC shows three wire coming off the light housing. All the schematics I have only show two wires Green = Park, Green/Orange = Turn/Brake with the housing grounding to the rear cross member. So what is the third one shown in the EPC for? My guess is it is a separate ground wire, but can anyone verify that?
My Aussie 8/82 fj45 had the 6 pin connecter plugs On the tail lights. From the way they were put together i would say they were designed to be water proof.
From my experience i reckon they held more water they kept out.


My combi connection has 3 wires

2 go into a double female terminal and the other one is for the brakes

I just tested the brake one real quick

so I imagine the other two are tailight and turn, well I know they are cause I had the combis plugged in last week and everything worked with the three wires going to it

just had another look the left side does not have the double female bullet but has 2 greens going into 1 and a green yellow

right side has the doubled connector and 2 greens and one green yellow

brakes on the green and yellow

I dont have the trailer or switchover though just some connectors in the middle of the harness where you might plug that stuff into

so it appears 1 green for turn, one for lamps, and the GY for brakes

I only checked brakes on the right side

I didnt mark the functions when I shot them just if they went to the combi or lic plate or markers etc

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