Columbia SC Engine Rebuild

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Mar 21, 2007
My 75 fj40 finally died...moment of silence. So I need to get my 2f engine rebuilt and I live in Columbia,SC but I don't know who I can trust with my baby. Can anyone tell me a great place to get er done.
What Trollhole said x2
Great shop
How's the supply of used 2F engines in your area?

Here they often show up for $300. If you could find a good runner, you could get you rig back on the road quickly.
If I had a do over, that's what I'd do now. Back in 96, I was looking at 3k to rebuild my 1.5F or 3k to rebuild the 2F I got hold of... Ended up going Chevy to keep the 40 alive.

You could keep your stock motor and run another... If the other starts getting tired, you can rebuild your stock one. Meanwhile, you get to drive it for the summer rather than it being out of commission for 3-6months.:D

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