SOLD Columbia, SC : 2005 Land Cruiser

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  1. 100 Series
Another one of those I never thought I would sell it *raises hand* situations. I've spent a lot of time and money over the past two years baselining my 100. Why am I selling? I purchased a 200 earlier this year and it will now serve as my daily. It's time for this Cruiser to move on to another family.

2005 LandCruiser 238600 miles. The long block has around 188,600 miles. Short story here is the heater T's. It's sad, because the previous owners took great care of this 100 and maintained mostly at the dealer. He spent 3k on the timing belt service, fluids, plugs and a new OEM radiator only for the heater T's to take it out a year later. A long block was sourced from LKQ. I have receipts for everything. I spent a year looking for a clean example. This one has spent it's entire life in NC and SC. No rust.

As I said earlier I spent a lot of money baselining this Cruiser. I have an excel file of everything I've done with 9k+ in parts alone. Some of the highlights include:

  • OEM front differential and axle shafts. (I was chasing a weeping leak on the passenger side and went nuclear by replacing it all. Come to find out, the culprit was an aftermarket axle shaft..go figure.)
  • OEM ABS assembly
  • Bosch Rotors and pads all around
  • Cruiser Outfitters full bearing/race kit
  • Fuel pump, sending unit, filters
  • Power steering reservoir
  • Various vacuum lines and PCV
  • Hood and hatch struts
  • BT45 Bluetooth module
  • Timing belt, water pump, fan bracket, thermostat
  • 275/70/18 KO2's
  • LC200 OEM wheels
  • OEM body side moldings
  • OME 865 springs
  • Seat Jackers
  • 3D cupholder
  • 3-4 keys
  • Various weatherstrips

Included in the sale is a box of OEM parts, oil filters, etc... close to 1k here. I have the 3rd row seats which are in excellent condition along with another Weathertech liner.

I changed the oil last weekend and installed new wiper blades. She's ready to go.

See pics and video. I also have folder full of receipts from previous owner.

Steering wheel motor doesn't work work nor does the DVD/CD player. I'm 6'2 and my wife is 5'1 and we never had an issue with the position.


South Carolina title in hand





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