Colour matching/painting Safari Snorkle

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Aug 8, 2006
Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
So I decided to upgrade my LX with some ARB's front, rear, side bars and a snorkle. I thought since it is the Pearl White all the parts should be colour matched.

I have seen a few pictures around with the snorkle colour matched. I really didn't like the texture of the snorkle. It doesn't look as good as if it was smoothed out.


I started to sand them smooth and remove the texture and the flashing.

Spent about 45 minutes sanding the texture. I used a DA with 120 grit.

I plan to prime it tomorrow. I will be using a plastic adhesion promoter before priming. Although it is rigid plastic I will still add some flex agent as well.

Once it is primed I will spray it along with the front ARB. I'm still waiting for the rear ARB and front rails.

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