colour coded aerosol paint for toyota 045 white in gloss enamel - possible ?

Oct 8, 2011
Toronto, NSW, Australia
I've tried some paint repair using colour coded aerosols from BCS paints in Sydney. It took a *lot* of prep but I'm still not happy with the outcome as the paint didn't adhere properly to the prepared surface which was a mix of unrusted just very scuffed original factory paint and some rusted stuff (around rear cargo window area). While a majority of the paint worked, rust is coming through depsite giving it a full treatment. And in some places the paint is flaking off from what's underneath despite lots of sanding to make a good 'keying' surface on the areas with scuffed but not rusting factory paint.

I don't believe the base paint in the aerosols is the same as standard hardware store aerosols that I use a fair number of.

These aren't tintable though so gloss white is noticably more 'white' than Toyota 045 white. On my vehicle it probably doesn't matter so much and I've done a few repairs in that past with the hardware store white.

Another aspect with the hardware store aerosols is to fully set off takes about a week, whereas the BCS paints one are set pretty much within a day (and each coat is fully touch dry in less than an hr). I don't know much about paint chemistry obviously.

Fertan is a really excellent rust converter but I notice that it will still 'leak' out from under the topcoat with the BCS aerosol applied in two coats.

I don't know much about compatibility with primers and topcoats.
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Dec 17, 2007
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Two main things will impact your results .

Sounds like you did none of the right prep.
Clean the old paint
Treat the rust.
Etch prime.
Wet sand
clear coat

Quality of paint.
Enamel paint in rattle cans is about as low as you can go with quality.
if you're using cheap paint, most the points above are redundant.
enamel is easy to apply, gives a glossy finish (sort of), but won't last.
enamel paints don't tolerate sun exposure well either
Dec 10, 2007
In the US there are companies that will make any color in an aerosol can and some that will make it in a special can that contains a hardener or 2k paint.

They is also 2k epoxy primer, SprayMax makes that along with a 2k clear and 2k white but it will not match the 045.

Not a professional painter myself but as mentioned above key is to first remove all rust down to bare metal then kill any rust remaining in any rust "pits" using a phosphoric acid product designed for autobody repairs. Then primer, base coat, etc. The 045 white 80 series did not get clear coat from the factory so if you use clear coat that area may not match the rest of the panel.

One source is find a local autobody paint supply store and ask about custom paint in an aerosol can. They also would have a phosphoric acid product for rust.

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