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2000 Lexus LX470
275k miles
Valve cover gaskets recently replaced
Timing belt done at 189k

This LX470 (fancy Land Cruiser) has been family owned since 2006, with records for services going back to 2006. It has been maintained professionally, driven exclusively by older adults (grandparents) and is completely stock. It is in great mechanical condition with no fault codes or major issues. The LEGENDARY 4.7-liter V8 runs and drives excellent, just as a Land Cruiser should. (I am selling it for my older parents)

The Good:
The hydraulic height adjustment suspension system works great, (photos below) and does not leak and has had some of the shocks replaced in the past (documented in records). Dash is not cracked, It is equipped with full time all-wheel drive system with a center locking differential and two speed transfer case all of which works great, climbs like a billy goat at my parents mountain property.
It has heated seats to keep your warm in the winter, and all of the other creature comforts a Lexus comes with. Comes with two standard keys, and one fob key that has not been cut, also includes original manuals and a binder with extensive records.

This LX’s power, reliability, clean history and extensive records make it a perfect candidate for an overland build, and its STOCK form is a perfect clean canvas.

The less good: being as transparent as possible, no one likes surprises in used cars.

Minor body damage from small bumps into garage and drive way fence, no accidents. Pictures of dents and minor damage in the end of the pictures.

Corrosion: The pictures show the undercarriage, there is some surface rust, but I don't think anything out of the ordinary for a 21 year old truck. There is no rust or bubbling that I have seen on the body panels. There is one spot in a photo of rust coloring on top of the paint in a door jam, not sure what that is but it is not bubbling or flaking off, might be water from the door sitting. It has been garage kept as long as I can remember

Needs new hood struts.

CD Player is jammed, a common issue on these multi disc stereos, and power antenna is replaced (drove through a car wash with it up)

Front seats are heavily worn and have tears in the bottom, I just installed brand new Cover King overland style custom seat covers, they are very nice, tight, and do not shift around.

It sometimes makes slight clunk when shifting into drive, has done it for years; mechanic could not pinpoint but it drives and shifts smoothly. I have been told it could be the drive shaft joints could need lubricating. Does not grind, and shifts smoothly between gears.

Driver side window auto up feature does not work; window does roll up and down, just not AUTO up.

Mirrors do not fold or power adjust, adjust manually.
Everything else works as it should, power seats, auto dimming mirrors, cruise control, EVERYTHING. It even still has the cell phone in the center console!

Please reach out with any questions or interest in checking it out. I am pricing this one for what it is, which is not perfect, and is not low mileage, it is a 21 year old Land Cruiser owned by two sets of grandparents. It has gone to a professional mechanic for its whole life and kept in a garage. I have priced smack dab in the middle of current values from KBB, some people will think it is worth less, some people have already told me it is worth more in current climate. This is a great truck with extensive records and has many years of service left, have a great day.

I have wanted / dreamed about this LX for myself for the past 6 years, but now that the time has come and my dad got a new truck, I do not have the space or time for it. I had dreamed of an OME lift, Monster Liner body and roof top tent and some Utah adventures but it just is not in the cards for me I want it to go to a good home.



2nd row dvr

2nd row front

3rd row down

3rd row up

3rd row

Back driver quarter

Back of front seats

Back of seats pass

Back of seats wo stuff

Back of seats with acc pass


Nov 28, 2021
New Braunfels, TX
Noob here, cannot figure out how to edit the photos selected, the sticky also said there were unlimited pics, but it only took 10. Ill add more in the comments.



Pass side

Pass front quart

Rear pass quater


Driver side

Front quater

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