For Sale Colorado - Good Deal? - 2004 LX470 156k single family owned - ADVICE on PURCHASE - AZ/CO vehicle

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High Res photos here:

This LX470 has been owned by one family and spent time between AZ and CO. Paint is in decent shape. Interior in good shape. Carpet needs cleaning, only one little tear on seam in driver seat. NEEDS timing belt and associated 90k service . AHC working. Antennae is broken. Chrome on grille and trim on back is spotty (almost rust?).
Bumpers are scuffed front right and back on both sides, but not terrible. One chip down to the paint over back right wheel well will need addressing. A bit of surface rust underneath.

Lexus service records I could find were minimal. Here are associated dates/mileage from Lexus: 4.20.05 -5994 11.11.05 - 11309 4.25.06 - 15097 8.11.06 - 21020 4.18.07 - 26716 12.7.07 - 32805 (30k mile service) 4.13.11 - 59538 11.30.12 - 78067. Currently on 156k. Assuming a $1500+ spend to start base-lining. My daily commute is only 12 miles RT. Thanks for the input!
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^ I'd look at this one too. It's not mine, I'm not affiliated, just looks very well setup. It's priced to sell with several thousand dollars in upgrades and high mileage maintenance completed. For the last several years it was obviously owned by an enthusiast, not a family who thinks of the cruiser as "old faithful that doesn't need anything".
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Depends on if you care about the cosmetic issues or not. I just bought a 2006 LX with 113K miles on it. I went overboard with all of the parts you could replace when doing a timing belt job along with every fluid replaced and new front brakes. All in for mechanical it set me back ~$2,700 and I didn't perform any of the work. Some was done at a Toyota dealer and other items were at an independent shop but she has a clean bill of health. I am moving on to cosmetic items (which I'm a stickler for) and am quickly learning that even a respray for the rear bumper done correctly is a bit more than expected.
I would look at the 2000 (mentioned above). I was eye'ing it but wondered why the trim is different color on the driver side.
I would look at the 2000 (mentioned above). I was eye'ing it but wondered why the trim is different color on the driver side.
Can't hurt to ask the guy. My trim is a little messy - peeled/sun faded. I know some try to repair the trim via painting or replacing.
for 11K that looks like a pretty good deal to me. I would have bought it had I not spent way more than that for an 04 about a month ago. Take it to a mechanic and have them look it over. I paid $16.5 at a used car lot and paid way too much but had been looking for a vehicle for about 4 months and was tired of looking. I should have waited a little longer...

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