For Sale Colorado: FS: Tepui Ruggedized Autana SKY 3 RTT with Annex

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Aug 29, 2020
United States
I'm selling a Tepui Ruggedized Autana SKY 3 Roof Top Tent with Annex, Haze Gray, like new in box, I'm selling because I no longer have the vehicle I bought this for, I have no use for it, the RTT was never installed.

The Autana Ruggedized SKY is the toughest roof top tent on the market. It is perfect for 4x4 trailers and tough off-road rigs.

The Tepui Autana Ruggedized is similar to the Kukenam in footprint size and is one of the toughest new tents on the market. The heavy weight dual stitched rip-stop fabric of the main body (360g compared to 260g) is just where we started. Raw aluminum diamond plate base panels so the underside of the tent will hold up to dings from rocks, branches, and whatever else the trail throws at it. Then add heavy duty hinges, anti-condensation mats, heavier gauge wrapped internal frame, dual rainfly support rods, tie down anchor points, and a 30lb density mattress and you have a ruggedized beast of a tent, you'll sleep soundly knowing you are in the toughest Tepui out there.

Two built-in screened SKY panels which allow for a great view of the stars and surrounding trees when the rainfly is removed
Diamond Plate Base
360g Dual Stitched Fabric (40% heavier than standard models)
Anti-condensation mat (1/2") under the mattress
Fully wrapped 3/4" heavy duty internal frame
Heavy duty 3-bolt hinges and welded aluminum base construction
Extra-large internal pockets, gear anchor points, & bedding Straps
Velcro window surround for clear window accessory (sold separately)
Fully enclosed annex featuring the same heavy duty material used for the tent canvas.
The gross weight in the box is 94kg.

Price: $2000.

Located in Colorado.





I'd take this off your hands if there is a reasonable cost to get it to Atlanta. I think this weighs 180 lbs?
Money wired, looking for shipping confirmation
Money was in your account Tuesday. It's now end of day Friday and no shipping confirmation. Are you having an issue? Can I assist you in some way?
This appears to have been a scam. Seller is not communicating.
Same guy (Daniel Wert) listed the tent on a local Toyota forum here in Colorado. He posted once and has not been back to the forum since Aug 30th
That's a bummer. Thanks for the info
I would not buy anything unseen and from someone that just recently posted on any forum. Did you use Paypal?
Damn Kruz100, really sorry to hear about that. We're you able to get your money back? BTW I'm also in Atlanta and I've got a 2000 LX470.
Just came across the same ad on Expedition Portal. I'll go blow him up.
That sucks! sorry to here this. Some forum wont let you sell anything until you have 50 posts, might not be a bad rule. Start a gofundme, I will contribute $20.
Sorry to hear. I got scammed for a couple wheels on here. Luckily wasn’t a crazy amount, but stings nonetheless. Won’t be doing any further business with new or any members with few post counts.
Man- that's a bummer. Hopefully you can claw some of your money back depending on how you paid. It is often a concern of mine blindly paying for items that may be located across the country. I've been extremely fortunate in my dealings with other members and attempt, to the greatest extent possible, to buy parts from folks with whom I have dealt with previously. I think the most important part is to do the research and have lots of discussions with the seller prior to transferring any funds. At the end of the day, if nothing else, this is a reminder to me to treat unknown sellers/buyers as if it were a Craigslist transaction. #trustbutverify

Good luck, sir!
Thanks for the support. I've done dozens of Craigslist transactions, and a few here on Mud, and never had any issues. I was a bit overconfident on this one; I may write up a lessons learned for the forum.

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