SOLD Colorado - 5 Michelin Tires LTX A/T2 - Size: 275/70/18 E-rated 13k miles

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Dec 10, 2019
United States
Five Michelin LTX A/T2 All Terrain E rated tires. Paid $225 each new. Asking $125 each now or best offer. 75% or more of tread life left. Fantastic tires all around.
Vehicle/tires have been garage kept 90% or more of the time, since I work from home and/or drive a company vehicle, so the tires only get about 100-150 miles per week put on them.
4 tires have 13k total miles and have been rotated regularly and tread is at 12/32. Full size spare has zero miles on it.
Mileage/use has been approximately 80% city, 10% highway and 10% off road trails. Tires show little wear, have been well maintained and have never had punctures or other damage.
2nd highest rated All Terrain tire in Consumer Reports testing.
Have recently added a lift and will be doing more off road driving for work (and fun), will be getting tires with a more aggressive tread and 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake branded.

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