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May 20, 2010
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  1. 70 Series
Denver Colorado, United States
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For Sale my 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series , HZJ77, 4-door , 1HZ non-turbo Diesel , RHD , Solid front and rear axles, 24 Volt, Fully registered, road legal , insured, passing emissions. Automatic A440F transmission; , 160,000 km (99,420 miles) Asking Price $16,000 or best offer.
Brief known history: The vehicle was imported by a local broker specializing in unique/collectible automobiles. The truck was inspected, issued a Colorado vin # , then sold to a local person who owned it for couple of years, I have owned the truck for about a year and have added approximately 10k km to the odometer.

Description: Currently the odometer shows 160,000 km ( 99,420 miles). The truck is in great mechanical shape with with the legendary 1HZ motor that starts and runs smooth, no oil leaks or blow-by (see the cold start vid) or white smoke during start up. The transmission is a A440f hydraulically actuated, shifts smoothly, dry with no leaks . The truck was equipped with a PTO winch at some point , the PTO lever and box functions as it should however the short driveshaft that was connected to the implement has been removed. The PTO system also includes a a "rev-up" cable which works as it should. Previous owner replaced the original electric front hubs with mechanical Aisin Units, the dash button and wiring has been left in place. The 4x4 system works excellent, the system is straight- forward and engages as it should. The truck was repainted at some point, the original paint color was a two-tone grey ( paint code 26P ), I do not know the current paint code but the paint job appears to be done by a professional with no fading or pealing with all door jambs painted to match as well as most of the glass and interior panels removed during the prep and paint work. Having said that, the truck has three small areas of rust, none of which are noticeable, and can be dealt with without major body work. I am including photographs for your reference (VIA FLICKR) The underbody and frame are in great shape. Interior is also in very good shape seats are comfortable with no rips , the driver side has an aftermarket Recaro seat which offers multiple adjustments and lumbar support.

If you are looking to buy one of these, you probably understand they are very robust, machines, simple design without complicated electronics to ensure reliability; I would not hesitate to drive this across the country.

Recent Services: All service done using genuine Toyota Parts I bought either from Cruiser Outfitters (UT) or Valley Cruisers (CA) or local Toyota Dealer. 2020 water pump, timing belt and associated oil seals, New upper and lower radiator hoses, Coolant Flush, new thermostat and seal, valve cover gasket, intake plenum gasket, fuel filter, Full front end knuckle rebuild ( all seals, wipers and bearings) , front diff. fluid. 2019 Hydraulic Oil changed in front and rear diffs, transfer case, PTO box, Oil and Filter Change, Brand New Toyo Open Country Tires. 2017-2018 (based on info from previous owner) Two brand new Optima Batteries (720 CCA each), electric front hubs replaced with more reliable Aisin mechanical units, front brake pads, rotors, calipers, rear pads and rotors. I also have records of emission testing dating back to 2016.

Modifications: Leaf spring lift, custom roof rack with custom mount for side awning and roof top tent, front bumper LED fog lights, CVT side awning, roof rack LED lights and light bar ( these are not connected), Safari Snorkel, Recaro Driver Seat which uses factory mounting bracket and suspension, privacy tint on rear doors and cargo area.

Known issues: Front passenger window switch ( in the driver side cluster ) only works in the "down" position, the passenger side switch works perfectly, small crack in the dash pad, DS interior door handle bezel has a small crack. Rust areas are: !) 1" spot by the sunroof, small cavity under the side step, under right rear door, around the skirt drain hole and a 1" spot on the rear diver side wheel arch, where the rubber bumper moulding is attached.

Don't hesitate to ask questions, I might have missed some information.

YouTube Videos of the Truck:

Cold Start

Drive By


1991Land Cruiser Walk Around

Road drive:

1991 Land Cruiser Road Drive Vid

FLICKR Pictures:





Aug 28, 2004
Tabasco, NY
No idea. The auto trans is a bummer but for that price, it's a steal for an HZJ77 with under 99k miles and can easily be swapped to a manual if desired.

What Tony said. This is a no brainer at this price.
Feb 26, 2018
Going to have to live with the feeling that I missed out on this truck. Very upfront and respectful seller and an excellent truck. Best of luck to the new owner.
Dec 19, 2020
New York
Going to have to live with the feeling that I missed out on this truck. Very upfront and respectful seller and an excellent truck. Best of luck to the new owner.
Are you still interested in an hzj77? I have one arriving from Japan in a few weeks that I might be selling

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