SOLD Colorado: 1981 BJ44 JDM RHD

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Vehicle Model
  1. 40 Series
United States
Selling my 1981 RHD JDM BJ44 with 2B engine and 197,278 km (122,582 miles). Was used as an occasional fun driver, but just don't have the time to get it out much anymore. It runs great and I've taken it over passes and 4 wheeling in the mountains with no issues. I'm asking $17.5k, but willing to negotiate.

Key points:

  • Starts up no problem with no unexpected smoke. Actually have to pass diesel emissions in Colorado and have had no problems passing.
  • Has factory air conditioning that works, but there is a leak somewhere in the coolant line as it doesn't blow cool for long after recharging. Not really needed in Colorado, so I never looked into fixing it.
  • Alternator was rebuilt recently
  • Had an electrical issue with old wiring/fusible links. Rewired with added fuse box in engine compartment and replaced both batteries in 2019.
  • Refinished the roof and replaced the drip edge and seal in 2016. Also replaced headliner with tan felt to match upholstery
  • Heat works, but rear heat fan does not
  • Original upholstery in decent shape except for tear in drivers seat
  • Body is in decent shape. I've tried to show major rust spots in pictures, but happy to provide more.





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Yeah, I figured it might be a bit tough to sell given the uniqueness. I also have no idea what to even price it at. Yours seems to be in better shape (at least on the outside) than mine is, so I dropped the price a bit. May give Bring a Trailer a shot as well, we'll see. Good luck with yours.
After looking at others, I think I had this priced too high, so lowering the ask. She drives great and works perfect as is, or would be a terrific base for a restore. Would love any feedback on concerns and/or pricing.
Hello you guys,,,,,,,,,,,,I used to own this cruiser. It ran great. In fact as I remember Pptarmigan drove that 44 home to Colorado from here in Temecula California after he bought it. Good to see it again and good luck with your sale. Dave
Pptarmigan was excellent to work with and the rig made it back home :) This was a big decision for me and after a short time driving I became confident in my choice. I love it and will take excellent care of it. It's going to stay mostly stock too, it's pretty good as it is, though I'd like to get a 5 speed and some rust repair done in the next couple years.
Hey there Iliketrucks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Glad to read above that you snagged that 44. As I mentioned above, I used to own that cruiser. I have owned several B, 2B and 3B cruisers. That 2B in that Land Cruiser always ran very well and I remember it as being a great engine. Good luck with it and glad to hear your going to leave it mostly stock condition. One to the reasons I bought it was because it was complete. The 2B was a JDM motor and that BJ44 that you purchased was the LX version. Those seats are very cool and again, the LX version is a very rare and beautiful Land Cruiser. I have several pictures of it taken in the Temecula wine country several years ago if you would like to view them. Congrats on a great and unique new cruiser. Dave ( I always loved this pic of your Land Cruiser ) Cheers.

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