Color coordination?

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Dec 7, 2002
I just bought a 1987 FJ60 that is beige metallic on the outside and the blue/gray interior. That seems like a weird color combination. Does anyone else have this? No, it is not a repaint, it is a one-owner rig and I have the window sticker. I got this for my wife and she is the "color coordination fashion police" so it looks like a repaint will be in the future.
White will go nicely with that interior.
yah i think there were only two color choices inside poo brown and glorious grey blue .

any thing is better than poo brown !
Let me Rephrase the Question

Does anyone else have a stock FJ60 with a BROWN exterior and a BLUE interior?

You are right, Brown Bear, one of the colors high on the list for the repaint is white. The other is a midnight blue.
I do!

I've got an 87 FJ60, that metallic brown color (not root beer brown), and have the original Grey/Blue interior.

I agree...I like this better than the brown interor, but then again, my first Cruiser was a white one with the grey interior...sentimental maybe...

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