Cold start issues somewhat solved. Am I a candidate for a Wilson switch?

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Oct 31, 2012
British Columbia
I've been having some issues with cold starts on my 84 3b leading me to believe my timer is going. I just pulled out each glow plug and tested them. All seemed to heat up glowing red hot within 10 seconds, So i cleaned up my bus bar, put everything back together. Jumped in and tried to start it with 15 seconds glow. Nothing. So I took a set of jumper cables, hooked up the positive side and ran the other positive straight to the bus bar. I quickly jumped in, turned the key and it started up cold imminently, no grey smoke, no sputtering (0 degrees celsius) which is the opposite of when I start her cold.

Does this sound like a faulty timer? Would it make sense to install a wilson switch?
As per the other thread, sound the same as my experience, before I installed the Wilson Switch:

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