Coil Pack Grease ...

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Mar 17, 2016
Advance, NC
This sounds like a dumb question ... but what part of the Coil Pack do you grease?

Had a misfire on #5 cylinder and found the rubber boot was split.
The replacement Coil Pack came with a small pack of grease - what do you grease?
Without knowing any better, I just applied a small amount on the outside and the inside where the Spark Plug goes in.

BTW, I purchased this Coil Pack off Amazon:
Amazon product
Is it dielectric grease?

If so I’d say the terminal plug end where your wiring harness would plug in BUT I’m not aware of the practice of having to grease them. I did wipe mine down carefully and throughly when I did my plugs last year.

Maybe I should have put some lightly on the plug (male) part of the coil pack to make it easier to remove if/when needed.

I’m sure someone who drives in a more sandy region than I will chime in as to the best practice.

Hope it fixes your issue, we don’t hear to many good things about the cheap coils.
Just a dab on the end of coil pack so it will then go inside as you push it over the spark plug. Well worth the effort.

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