coil and ignitor wiring

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Aug 12, 2002
When I got my 1975 FJ-40 there were some spliced and unconnected wires coming from the coil but it always seemed to work fine. I am now trying to install a painless harness and now I am having trouble getting spark. The engine turns over but I cant get it to ignite. Everything is hooked up properly, I think??? except for the coil/ignitor. I know that I have power to the coil but I can’t get it to send to the distributor. I must have something crossed at the coil/ignitor but I can’t figure out what. &nbsp:Does anyone have a pic of how they installed their painless harness to a 75 style coil/ignitor? Or any suggestions or written instructions on how this should be properly hooked up as in what wires go where and why?


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