Code P0441 / help needed narrowing repair path

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Sep 5, 2011
Cathedral City, CA
Just came back from a 3 week road trip where we stacked just shy of 4K miles.
Left CA running through quite a bit of hot areas, passed through CO, HIHs, Arizona then back to CA. Tried to keep the fuel tank at 3/4 max to avoid the whole thing of building pressure and vapor lock. Only had a NO start situation once in northern Yellowstone while high up, driving a lot, high temps and almost full tank (the one time I forgot to pay attention to the pump).
Towed our pop up trailer the whole way.
We were almost back home (actually had 1 hr left of driving till home), temp in the high 90s, just starting on a downhill and the engine light came on along with VSC TRAC and VSC OFF. Tank was about 3/4 full.
After that I could feel some lack of power as well.
Got home, unloaded and got these on the reader.

** I did a search, found a few treads and sounds like people had different results with the parts they had replaced. The truck had an aftermarket gas cap there since before I owned it so it was replaced today. Now I'm thinking of fuel filter then possibly the pump.

Guess my main question would be which way do I go from here? What should I mess with first and/or should I touch anything at all or take it somewhere?
Trying to understand the system on my truck instead/before just paying up to someone else.

Any input is apreciated!

photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG

photo 3.JPG
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Did you get this resolved? What was your fix? I have this code now. It's come on and has gone off twice over last few months and is back on again. Thanks

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